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Classifying Marital and Nonmarital Property

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When a married couple gets divorced in the Orlando area, part of the divorce process involves property division or property distribution. This is a process in which the court divides marital assets and liabilities according to a theory known as equitable distribution. When property is distributed equitably, it is divided between the parties in… Read More »


Do I Still Have to Pay Alimony if I File for Bankruptcy?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

If you have an alimony order, you are familiar with the financial pressure it can put on you each month, especially when you are also dealing with personal debt. Though it can be tempting to just ignore your alimony order or pay less than you are required to pay, do not give into this… Read More »


How Does a Divorce Settlement Affect a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

There are many ways your divorce settlement can affect your Chapter 13 bankruptcy and vice versa.  Completing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a lengthy process, typically taking three to five years to complete. During this time, many aspects of your life may change, including a possibility of divorce. If you are working through Chapter 13… Read More »


Calculating a Spouse’s Interest in Premarital Assets After Years of Marriage

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When a married couple decides to file for divorce in Florida, they should be prepared for the division of marital property. Under Florida law (Fla. Stat. § 61.075), marital property is divided in Florida according to a theory known as equitable distribution. When property is distributed equitably, it is distributed (or divided) in a… Read More »


Issues Surrounding the Division of the Marital Home in Divorce

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

How to address whether to keep or sell the family home in the wake of divorce is a looming issue for a lot of couples, since the house is often the largest tangible asset they own. There is also the issue of a child’s attachment to the home for security, community and school purposes… Read More »


Understanding the Nuances of Military Divorce

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

All married couples face the possibility of divorce, but the rate of divorce among military personnel, particularly those deployed on active duty, is significantly higher. A report issued in the summer of 2017 indicated that military workers took three of the top ten spots for careers most likely to divorce, which means military personnel… Read More »


An Illegal Marriage and How It Affects Your Rights during Divorce

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

As most people are aware, marriage is a prerequisite to filing for divorce. Without the existence of a legal marriage, a court does not have the power to resolve the issues typically associated with a breakup, i.e., child custody, support, alimony, etc. While the issue of the validity of a marriage is rarely a… Read More »


Tools to Help Domestic Violence Victims Escape their Marriages

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

There are many reasons to leave a marriage. One of these is domestic violence.. Domestic violence takes many forms, but it always has the same goal: to control one’s partner. If you feel you are facing domestic violence in your marriage, make use of the resources available to you to in order to protect… Read More »


When Divorce is On the Table, Consider Strategies to Save your Marriage

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Sometimes, couples in difficult marriages try to ignore their problems because they feel that acknowledging them means they are headed for divorce. However, refusing to acknowledge the difficulties in your marriage can lead to divorce because it allows these problems to escalate and weigh on your relationship with your spouse, sometimes to the point… Read More »


How Can I Convince my Spouse that Collaborative Divorce is the Way to Go?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Your goal should not be to “convince” your spouse to agree to  a collaborative divorce. Do not think of it as a winning vs. losing proposition where you need to persuade your spouse to your way of thinking – this is not the basis of a healthy collaborative divorce. Rather, you should approach this… Read More »

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