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Orlando Unmarried Couples Lawyers

Unmarried couples who live together experience many of the same family law issues as married people; they need to protect their rights and interests. Unfortunately, however, not all the legal framework is in place to help non-traditional couples easily handle legal matters. The experienced Orlando unmarried couple lawyers at Goodblatt · Leo can assist unmarried couples — secure their family relationships, establish timesharing and support for children (if any), and address the division of property.

When an unmarried couple has been together for a long time or has children together, numerous legal issues may arise when the relationship ends. In most cases, each unmarried partner is presumed to own his or her own property and debts unless a couple has deliberately agreed to combine assets. Frequently, however, some property interests may have become entangled over the course of living together. Prior written agreements, such as joint property agreements, can help clarify an unmarried couple’s intentions. If the couple has children, support and timesharing must be addressed in the same manner as married couples.

Orlando Unmarried Lawyers Discuss Gay Marriage & Divorce

Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Florida since January 6, 2015. Along with allowing same-sex couples to marry, Florida must also allow gay and lesbian couples to divorce. While the right to marry is in the news, Florida case law and statutes have yet to be updated to address gay divorce.  Now same-sex couples may legally divorce in Florida, taking advantage of the institutional guidelines and procedures for dissolving a marriage. The experienced Orlando unmarried couples lawyers at Goodblatt · Leo are able to suggest and implement solid solutions in situations in which the law may be behind reality.

Orlando Prenuptial Agreements

A well-written prenuptial or ante-nuptial agreement may bring predictability and security to your marriage by resolving issues that can lead to arguments and conflict. There are many reasons to enter into a prenuptial agreement.  Sometimes one spouse wants to preserve certain assets or to protect his or her future spouse from debts.  For people who have children from prior relationships, a prenuptial agreement may ensure that certain assets will remain with these children and will not be distributed to a future spouse in the event of a divorce or the death of a spouse, as the parties may choose to include death provisions in their agreement.

Issues prospective spouses commonly negotiate in a prenuptial agreement include the division of property and assets acquired during the marriage, the responsibility for debts incurred during the marriage, the designation of separate property, and alimony upon divorce or death. Seek professional legal representation from the experienced Orlando unmarried couples lawyers.

Orlando Postnuptial Agreements

A postnuptial agreement is a written contract executed after a couple gets married to settle the spouses’ affairs and assets in the event of a separation or divorce. Because there is no legal separation in Florida, a postnuptial agreement is often the best option for couples wishing to separate but who are not ready to divorce for financial, personal, or religious reasons. A common reason is to preserve health insurance benefits.

At Goodblatt · Leo, the Orlando unmarried couples lawyers are experienced in drafting postnuptial agreements that preserve the parties rights in the event of a subsequent divorce.

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