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What Can I Do if my Collaborative Divorce is Not Making Progress?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Ideally, a collaborative divorce is a straightforward process through which a divorcing couple determines the terms of their divorce settlement, such as how their assets will be divided and whether one party will receive alimony. Many couples begin this process confident that they will be able to create a mutually-satisfying divorce settlement through collaboration…. Read More »


How to Know When it is Time to File for Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

For many people, “bankruptcy” is a bad word. It often has connotations of failure or an inability to control one’s own financial habits. These connotations are untrue and harmful – individuals and companies use bankruptcy as a tool to manage their outstanding debt for many different reasons. More often than not, the circumstances that… Read More »


How Can I Change my Parenting Timesharing Agreement?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When a couple with children divorces, a parenting timesharing agreement is typically part of the divorce settlement. This agreement is based on the child’s best interest and in nearly all cases, is created with the intention of maintaining a consistent relationship between the child and both of his or her parents following the divorce…. Read More »


Goodblatt • Leo is proud to announce that Attorney Amy Goodblatt has received the highest rating, AV, from Martindale-Hubbell!

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings, the gold standard in attorney ratings, recognize lawyers rated by their peers for their strong legal ability and high ethical standards. An elite group of just 8 percent of all attorneys hold an AV Preeminent Rating, a designation trusted worldwide by buyers and referrers of legal services.

Boy Who Played Catch With Willson Contreras Cherishes Memory

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Many would see the above article as a heartwarming story of a professional athlete taking time out for a young fan, just as people would like to see professional athletes treat the children who idolize them. As a Family Law attorney, I noticed something else even more touching to me. The Father texted the… Read More »


Using Social Media Carefully While your Divorce is Pending (And After It is Finalized)

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Nearly everybody is on social media these days. You, your spouse, your children, and even your elderly relatives probably use some form of social media, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform. Social media allows us to connect across borders and broadcast our thoughts, fears, and opinions to the world. Social media… Read More »


Rebuilding your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Your credit score will suffer after you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for up to 10 years after you file. Although you cannot avoid this hit to your credit, you can take steps to mitigate it by raising your credit score and maintaining good credit habits after you file… Read More »


Dividing your Small Business in your Divorce

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When you rely on a small business for income, whether it is your sole income source or it provides a large percentage of your income, your divorce can be more complicated than a divorce between two salaried individuals. Your business or share in a business is considered to be a marital asset if it… Read More »


Military Divorces

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When one or both members of a couple are members of the United States military, there are special considerations the couple must make if they choose to divorce. These considerations include when and where to file for divorce and how to divide military benefits. If you are considering filing for divorce, speak with an… Read More »


How will my Divorce Affect my Adult Children?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Some couples, despite realizing that their marriages are no longer healthy, productive partnerships, put off their divorces until their children are grown, rationalizing that it would be better for their children to grow up with both of their parents in the house, rather than having to split their time between two households. Others only… Read More »

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