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Can my Child Choose His or Her Own Custody Arrangement?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

For divorcing parents, timesharing is typically one of the biggest issues to work out in their divorce. In Florida, the term “timesharing” refers to the court-ordered arrangement of when the child is with each parent and has essentially  replaced the term “visitation”. In cases which involve minor children, a Parenting Plan must be created,… Read More »


What Not to Do When you File for Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When you file for bankruptcy, there are certain things you need to do like complete a credit counseling session. You also need to make sure you are eligible for the bankruptcy chapter you file. There are also certain things you should do when you are working through the bankruptcy process, like create a household… Read More »


Grandparents Rights in Florida

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

For most grandparents, spending time with a grandchild is fulfilling and fun. For most children, grandparents offer different perspectives, different interests, and a different type of guidance than their parents provide. When a couple with children divorces, the children’s relationships with their grandparents can be affected. In some cases, there is nothing a grandparent… Read More »


How Can I Convince my Spouse that Collaborative Divorce is the Way to Go?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Your goal should not be to “convince” your spouse to agree to  a collaborative divorce. Do not think of it as a winning vs. losing proposition where you need to persuade your spouse to your way of thinking – this is not the basis of a healthy collaborative divorce. Rather, you should approach this… Read More »


Remember to Take Care of yourself During and After your Divorce

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Most divorces are difficult. Even amicable divorces, such as collaborative divorces, can be stressful before during and  after their divorce is finalized. When you are working through a divorce and relearning how to live as a single person  it can be easy to put your own well- being on the back burner. Use the… Read More »


I Filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Will I lose my Assets?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

If you are facing an insurmountable level of personal debt, you may be considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can result in the loss of certain of your assets, but in the vast majority of cases,  the filer’s exempt assets are mostly exempt and you can retain them. An experienced Bankruptcy lawyer will… Read More »


Why Should I Write a Postnuptial Agreement?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Do not be afraid of the idea of signing a postnuptial agreement. A postnuptial agreement, like a prenuptial agreement, is a document that outlines how a couple’s assets are to be divided in the event of their divorce or one party’s death. It can also clarify how assets are to be used, acquired, and… Read More »


What Can I Do if my Collaborative Divorce is Not Making Progress?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Ideally, a collaborative divorce is a straightforward process through which a divorcing couple determines the terms of their divorce settlement, such as how their assets will be divided and whether one party will receive alimony. Many couples begin this process confident that they will be able to create a mutually-satisfying divorce settlement through collaboration…. Read More »


How to Know When it is Time to File for Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

For many people, “bankruptcy” is a bad word. It often has connotations of failure or an inability to control one’s own financial habits. These connotations are untrue and harmful – individuals and companies use bankruptcy as a tool to manage their outstanding debt for many different reasons. More often than not, the circumstances that… Read More »


How Can I Change my Parenting Timesharing Agreement?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When a couple with children divorces, a parenting timesharing agreement is typically part of the divorce settlement. This agreement is based on the child’s best interest and in nearly all cases, is created with the intention of maintaining a consistent relationship between the child and both of his or her parents following the divorce…. Read More »

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