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How will Bankruptcy Affect my Credit Report?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Here is the short answer: your bankruptcy case will remain on your credit report for several years and it will reduce your credit score initially, but it will improve. There is no way around these facts; they are simply part of the bankruptcy process and something you agree to when you file for bankruptcy…. Read More »


The Trap of Debt Consolidation

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

For any consumers in the Orlando area who are struggling with debt, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You may be seeing commercials and advertisements for debt consolidation, which often come with promises to help you get your finances back on track while avoiding bankruptcy. While consolidating debt may be able… Read More »


Bankruptcy Experts Push for End to Debt Limits in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Debt can quickly spiral out of control due to unforeseen or unpreventable events that require spending large amounts of money and/or suffering a substantial loss of income. When debt becomes this overwhelming, many people turn to bankruptcy for relief. Living with the burden of unmanageable debt is an oppressive situation that rarely gives the… Read More »


Dispelling Myths about Filing for Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Filing for bankruptcy is a big step toward regaining control of one’s finances, but for many people contemplating this decision, negative myths can delay taking action. Life is full of unanticipated and uncontrollable events that can derail a person’s financial security – major illness, serious accidents and long-term unemployment – to name just a… Read More »


How will I Know when Bankruptcy is the Right Choice for Me?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

It is not easy to accept that you are facing such a large amount of debt that bankruptcy is your only option. But if you have exhausted all other options and you cannot realistically repay the debt on your own, this is a truth you need to accept. Speaking with an accredited financial counselor… Read More »


What Not to Do When you File for Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When you file for bankruptcy, there are certain things you need to do like complete a credit counseling session. You also need to make sure you are eligible for the bankruptcy chapter you file. There are also certain things you should do when you are working through the bankruptcy process, like create a household… Read More »


I Filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Will I lose my Assets?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

If you are facing an insurmountable level of personal debt, you may be considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can result in the loss of certain of your assets, but in the vast majority of cases,  the filer’s exempt assets are mostly exempt and you can retain them. An experienced Bankruptcy lawyer will… Read More »


How to Know When it is Time to File for Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

For many people, “bankruptcy” is a bad word. It often has connotations of failure or an inability to control one’s own financial habits. These connotations are untrue and harmful – individuals and companies use bankruptcy as a tool to manage their outstanding debt for many different reasons. More often than not, the circumstances that… Read More »


Rebuilding your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Your credit score will suffer after you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for up to 10 years after you file. Although you cannot avoid this hit to your credit, you can take steps to mitigate it by raising your credit score and maintaining good credit habits after you file… Read More »


Best Practices to Do Prior to Filing for Bankruptcy

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When you are facing an insurmountable level of personal debt, bankruptcy can be the way out. Although bankruptcy is not a legal process to take lightly, it is one to seriously consider if you feel like you cannot take control of your debt through other means. You can make the bankruptcy process easier for… Read More »

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