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Two Good Reasons Why Collaborative Divorce Just Makes Sense

When two people decide to get divorced, there can be tension, fear, and even serious anxiety about what will happen next. Divorce lawyers in Orlando and surrounding areas are fortunate to practice in a state that has set the standard for a new way to divorce – the collaborative divorce. This process creates a team approach to marital dissolution that was previously not available. It is a process where lawyers, counselors and psychologists, and even financial advisors all come together to help a divorcing couple achieve their goals without the need for court involvement. While some benefits may be immediately obvious, there are two very big reasons why a collaborative divorce might really make sense for you.

Reasons Why Americans Divorce

First, consider why most people divorce. There are many reasons, but historically the big marriage killers are lack of commitment, infidelity, and arguing. According to Huffington Post, in one way or another, each of these ranks among the top reasons why marriages fail. And since arguments can be about a lot of different topics, it is noteworthy that the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers suggests the number one reason why couples fight is money. So, while money may not be the biggest reason on its own, it certainly is a huge contributing factor in many divorces.

Reason 1: Your Money

If your divorce was in some way motivated by problems arising from financial difficulties or a difference in financial expectations, then collaborative divorce is a great option. When you go through a traditional divorce, your lawyer will file documents in court, which are designed to persuade a judge to make decisions that are favorable to you. However, your spouse’s lawyer will be doing the same thing. So the litigation model of divorce creates and inflames disagreement, because the whole point is to “argue” until someone “wins.”

In a collaborative divorce, however, the goal is to agree and reach a solution. Not only will each of you have an lawyer to represent your interests, you can also have a financial advisor as part of the collaborative team. This professional can help create a workable division of property and make sure both of you leave the divorce in a better financial position than you might otherwise have if you spent your money fighting in court and left it up to a judge. Just the fact that a financial expert is participating in your divorce is one huge perk of collaborative divorce.

Reason 2: Your Sanity

In addition to a financial advisor, the collaborative divorce team also includes a neutral mental health professional who will act as a sort of facilitator to ensure proper and respectful communications throughout the process. Gone are the days of heated arguments across the divorce table. This new approach allows couples to take advantage of another terrific resource – a trained professional who can listen and interpret emotional concerns in order to reduce and defuse problems and arguments before they become obstacles to success. Knowing you have a neutral party involved who can listen to your concerns and help your spouse understand them is a monumental benefit to collaborative divorce.

Ultimately, knowing that your financial and emotional health will be considered and made a priority during the divorce process should ease many of the fears and stressors you might be feeling as you consider divorce. Not all central Florida divorce lawyers have experience working as part of a collaborative divorce team. You should always consult an lawyer certified in collaborative divorce law. Contact Amy E. Goodblatt for assistance.

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