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How is Child Support Calculated?

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Child support is the money paid from one parent to the other to cover the expenses that come with raising a child, such as the need for a home with enough space for the child, utilities for that home, food and household items, and the child’s needs like clothing and school supplies. The court… Read More »

The Rights of Unmarried Couples in Florida

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Many couples eventually decide to marry at some point in their relationship, especially including now same-sex couples who may now marry nationwide. However, some couples decide not to legally marry, for a variety of reasons. Unmarried couples still have very limited legal rights in Florida. The exception concerns unmarried couples and their children; the… Read More »

What To Look For In A Divorce Lawyer

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Divorce is a time when even the best among us need assistance.  The complexity of the law means that you will require a good lawyer, but we must also remember that an lawyer has specific jobs to perform, and you must find a lawyer you feel comfortable with.  If you are lawyer shopping, it… Read More »

Divorce and Taxes: What you Should Know this Tax Season

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

As Americans prepare for tax time, all the usual questions begin to mount. Should we file jointly or individually? Do I need to itemize? Can I claim that deduction? But for some Americans, the questions get even more complicated. Divorcing couples also have to think about a host of added concerns. When speaking with… Read More »

Understanding Divorce Mediation in Orlando

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

Those facing a divorce in central Florida have several options for ending their marriages. They can fight in court and go to trial – an expensive and emotionally exhausting prospect for sure. They can also opt to sit down and resolve the matter out of court between themselves. This type of uncontested divorce is… Read More »

Dispelling Three Myths About Florida Marriage Annulment

By Amy E. Goodblatt |

When it comes to marriage and divorce, there are many myths and misconceptions, especially on the internet. One of the biggest areas of confusion is marriage annulment. Myths abound regarding when, how, and why a person may annul his or her marriage. Here, we will look at three of the most common myths and… Read More »

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