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Professionals you Might Meet During your Collaborative Divorce

Many couples who choose collaborative divorce choose it because it can be less stressful and more satisfying than divorcing through litigation. A collaborative divorce is completed through a series of meetings between the couple, Financial and Mental Health neutrals and their respective lawyers, during which they create agreements about issues like timesharing, spousal maintenance, and the division of their property.  To reach these agreements, outside professionals may be brought in to make recommendations.

A Mental Health Neutral

A psychologist will be part of your collaborative divorce by working with you, your spouse, and your children to determine the time sharing arrangement that best serves your children’s best interests.   He or she will help you create a Parenting Plan (if you have children) or simply help you with the emotional roadblocks to a successful divorce.  He or she will lead the Collaborative meetings in a specific manner designed to amicably reach resolution.

A Financial Neutral or Forensic Accountant

Although forensic accountants are often used to uncover hidden assets, sometimes they simply help couples determine the full scope of their assets and debts.   In a Collaborative Divorce, the Financial Neutral assists the parties with all matters financial, such as calculating alimony, child support, equitable distribution and valuation options.

Work with an Experienced Orlando Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

A collaborative divorce affords you the assistance of outside professionals to help you reach a fair settlement.  To learn more and start planning your collaborative divorce, speak with a member of our team of divorce lawyers at Goodblatt · Leo in Orlando.  During your consultation, we can answer any questions you have about your divorce and anticipate which professionals may need to play a role in determining your settlement.



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