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Is a “Collaborative Divorce” Really Possible?

In reality, a collaborative divorce without fighting or litigation is completely possible for many divorcing couples. With hard work and determination, most couples can come to workable agreements without the need for extended and costly fighting in court. This does, however, require careful planning and competent legal advice from an experienced divorce lawyer. Nevertheless, there are a few key considerations before seeking a collaborative divorce. The Florida Bar and other resources offer important information to know when pursuing a divorce; however, this does not replace the necessity of obtaining the services of a skilled lawyer.

Will A Collaborative Divorce Mean I Don’t Have To Fight Over Things?

Not necessarily. In fact, many people are completely misinformed about how a collaborative divorce actually works. First of all, it does not mean you and your spouse have to agree on everything. After all, if two people could resolve their disputes on their own, they probably would not be getting divorced. So, in most cases there will be disputes and issues that the couple struggles to resolve. In short, yes you will still be “fighting” over some things. But “fighting” can be friendly and cooperative. You will have a Team of Professionals, including lawyers for both sides, a Financial Neutral and a Mental Health provider to guide you to resolving your differences with a common goal.

If A Divorce Is Collaborative, Does That Mean I Am Agreeing To Whatever My Spouse Wants?

Absolutely not. In fact, as we just said, your lawyer will still be advocating for your own interests, and if you are wise, you will hire an experienced divorce lawyer, like Amy E. Goodblatt who understands how to negotiate the issues in order to achieve your goals. Remember, even a friendly and “collaborative ” divorce can still be adversarial. This means you and your spouse may have different goals and have a different idea of how things should go. However, the means by which you achieve your goals are different. Instead of asking a judge to decide, you are taking the prudent course and working together with your lawyers and other professionals on the team to find a solution that suits you.

What Happens If It Starts Off Collaboratively But Gets Ugly?

This is where choosing a good lawyer can come in handy. An experienced Collaborative Lawyer, such as the lawyers at Goodblatt · Leo, carefully screen cases for suitability to fit into the Collaborative process. While most cases may be handled collaboratively, there are many signs that certain matters may not be appropriate for a collaborative resolution. Whatever the reasons, as a client facing a divorce, you should select an Orlando divorce lawyer at the office of Goodblatt · Leo who will assist with your divorce from the beginning. She will help you decide whether to pursue a litigated divorce, a Collaborative divorce, a mediated divorce or an uncontested divorce. Experience will help the lawyer direct you to select the route that is best for you. By selecting a lawyer who is equally trained in all of these ways to divorce, she will offer you options that are customized to your situation. And best of all, the lawyers at Goodblatt · Leo are trained in all of these areas of law.

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