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Do I Need A Collaborative Divorce Team?

Collaborative divorce is becoming more and more common in Florida, with many couples citing a wish to divorce much more quickly and civilly than the standard court system seems to promote. Since it is a new process, however, oftentimes there are questions to be asked before commencing the process. One of the most common questions is why the need for a team of professionals just to manage one divorce. The easy answer is participation of neutral professionals in a collaborative proceeding is actually one of the process’s greatest advantages over a litigated divorce.

Why Do I Need A Whole Team?

Most people are used to litigation, where it is essentially you and your lawyer against your spouse and his lawyer, with two sets of separate experts hired for each side. While at some point, most parties mediate once, that is the only time you all sit down together to try to resolve your case. In contrast, in a collaborative divorce, you work together face-to-face with your lawyers in a series of meetings to resolve your divorce with the assistance of a Financial and Mental Health neutral.

Neutral professionals in various fields, dedicated to helping both you and your spouse, do not decide your divorce. Instead, they give studied options tailored to you and your spouse from which you makes choices. If you encounter emotional or behavioral obstacles, the mental health neutral facilitates a return to a civil dialogue.

Who Do I Need?

While Florida’s new Collaborative Law Process Act does not specify the personnel to be included on a collaborative law team, there are certain professionals that it are highly advisable to include. Every person has an lawyer, as well as two professionals as part of their team.

The first is a Financial Neutral. This individual is a professional financial expert who will help you and your spouse with tax questions, options for asset division and, financial obligations, such as alimony or child support. Most disagreements in divorce happen over monetary issues, so this person can save you considerable time and money.

The second professional on your team is a Mental Health professional. He or she runs the meetings and assists the team with issues such as creating a timesharing plan or with any psychological impediments to resolution. The professional will help you and your spouse advocate for yourselves in a way that is productive, rather than angry.

Enlist A Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

A collaborative divorce process begins with finding a collaboratively experienced lawyer. If you need a lawyer who has been successful and resolved numerous collaborative divorces, consider the Orlando collaborative divorce lawyers at the firm of Goodblatt · Leo We have years of experience with these types of cases and are happy to assist you with yours. We are enthusiastic about this process and knowledgeable enough to represent you in a traditional or collaborative divorce, whichever is best for you. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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